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Homeowner's Insurance

Safeguard your home and property against theft, fire, water, electrical, and storm damage. Protect your personal belongings, even away from home. Personal liability coverage provides protection against claims and lawsuits.

Condominium / Cooperative

Address the unique requirements of condominium and cooperative homes, including additions and alterations, special loss assessment, and water back-up. Also provides personal liability coverage and protection to your building improvements.

Renter's Insurance

Protect your valuables against damage in your rental apartment or home.Protect your valuables against damage in your rental apartment or home.

Automobile Insurance

Protect against an accident or damage to your vehicle, as well as from the liability arising from an accident. Lease gap insurance provides additional insurance for leased cars.

Boat / Yacht Insurance

Guard your boat against loss from accidents and protect yourself from personal liability claims arising from the use of your boat.

Jewelry / Fine Art / Valuables

Obtain a special level of protection for your most prized possessions, such as jewelry, artwork, fine art, or valuable collections. Coverage can be based on an individual item or an overall value for an entire collection.

Identity Fraud

Insulate yourself from the financial and liability risks from identity theft and credit card fraud.

Umbrella / Excess Liability

Increase the level of personal liability coverage to protect you from large lawsuits.

Volunteer Director & Officer Liability

Protect yourself from any claims arising from your participation as volunteer director or officer on a non-profit board. Some homeowner policies extend this type of additional personal liability.

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