Clay Pell and his wife, Michelle Kwan visit 31 Pell Street in New York City

Visit to Pell St.

Clay Pell and his wife, Michelle Kwan visited Lee Insurance at 31 Pell Street in NYC on June 4, 2014. Pell is a Democratic candidate for Governor of Rhode Island and wanted to visit Pell Street in Manhattan. The street was named after his early ancestors and settlers in New York, John. Joshua and Thomas Pell who had origins from the late 1700's. Clay Pell's family is also known for the Pell Grants in higher education started by Clay's grandfather, Senator Claybourne Pell of Rhode Island.

The Lee family of Harold L. Lee. & Sons Inc. insurance Services hosted Michelle and Clay at the agency and shared their family history having been a business on Pell Street since 1888. It was a treat to know the origins of Pell Street for the family and staff.
Pictured above are Steve Boon and Sandy Lee with Clay Pell and Michelle Kwan. Below is Michelle Kwan holding an ice skate, which she autographed for us.

Michelle Kwan in New York